Sutanutir Sakhya
Friendship, the ultimate human bond.

The word “Sakhya” etymologically means friendship. Sutanutir Sakhya is an organisation dedicated to root out gender discrimination that corrodes the society and suppresses the natural blossoming of soul, especially women and children.
Donation made to 'Sutanutir Sakhya" is exempted under section 80G (5)(vi)of the I.T. Act, 1961.
Welcome to Sutanutir Sakhya ,

We are a NGO situated in the heart of Kolkata at Tala Park . We are registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act,1961. Our Registration No. is S/il/7292 of 2001-2002.We Cater to the entire State of West Bengal.

Sutanutir Sakhya envisions a better world for women, where they can live with dignity and pride, ensuring equality in status. A world devoid of any fear or insecurities.

Sutanutir Sakhya’s mission is to empower women especially those, who are victim of violence, deprivation and distress. To this end Sutanutir Sakhya employs rights based, people centered, participatory and edifying method : to eliminate gender inequality and to promote legal literacy.

  • Our objective is
  • To work towards a violence-free society by reaching out to schoolgirls and boys and making them recognize the evils of such violence on children and adolescents.
  • To battle the problem at all levels-administrative, social and legal.
  • To work for uplifting the status of women in the society
  • To provide help under health and nutrition services for women and children
  • To disseminate information in the regional and national languages by printing of literature in the form of brochures and pamphlets.
  • To work with Government officers at the administrative level to get them to implement legal orders passed by various courts to protect victims of domestic violence.
  • To develop documentary films and stage street plays and other forms of mass communication to build up an awareness base in urban and Semi-urban areas on the issue.
  • To undertake any other work or assignment that will bring the general welfare of people 

FCRA No. Date:Registered under Foreign Contribution Act, 2010 vide the Registration No. 147120972 dated 12.02.2018 and valid for five years.We do not receive any foreign fund during the last three quarter of the current financial year.